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I appreciate your questions as I want you to have confidence in MRC as the national sanctioning body for motocross in Canada.  While we do not have the membership numbers in-line with other sports governing bodies such as Hockey Canada, we do strive to achieve many of the same outcomes and we are constantly working to build upon our successes.  I’ll try to address your questions the best I can touching base on a few different areas that are related:

  1.  Rulebook:  MRC has worked diligently to produce two progressive rulebooks (Amateur and Pro) updated annually to provide structure and solidarity to our racing program across the country.  Vetted by the manufacturers and utilized exclusively by all MRC sanctioned events the rulebooks create an environment of stability that in-turn allows for consistent growth and advancement of riders.
    1. Points Advancement:  This structure for rider advancement within the amateur ranks allows for no-nonsense progression using both achievement-based and age-based validation, allowing for the steady flow of class numbers as riders progress.
    1. Class Structure:  Providing each region with set definitions for each class allows for riders to cross provincial borders to compete confidently in their respective classes.
    1. National Appeals Board:  This group within the sport provide governance when  needed in an unbiased and educated HHHH
    1. Amateur National Qualifiers:  The TransCan requires riders to participate in an Amateur National Qualifier (ANQ) in order to secure a regional gate pick for the event.  The ANQ’s are Canada’s largest regional motocross races, bolstering entries for the region on the dates the ANQ is held.
      1. Regional Measurement:  The ANQs allow for riders to measure their successes against the best in their region even if they are unable to attend the TransCan.
    1. Championship Titles:  Many riders who have achieved national titles as the TransCan, ECAN and WCAN have received recognition from the industry and teams, allowing them to begin the transition to pro riders and obtain a coveted “pro ride” within the industry.
    1. Fan Representation:  growth to the demographic base of motocross riders, allowing for new rider introduction, broader recognition of the sport and family involvement.
      1. Thousands of dollars of marketing for the event are provided by the MRC, teams and motocross media – this is a benefit to the region and tracks that is absorbed internally.
    1. Economic growth to the region, local shops, and the tracks that host the national.
    1. Employment:  The series provides riders with the opportunity to hold jobs within the industry as racers, team staff, and industry associates.
    1. Goal Setting:  The series also allows young riders to work towards one day becoming a pro rider, keeping them within the sport for often over 40 years.
    1. Beginning in 2020, regional MP and MPPs for each round of the Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series will be invited to attend the events.  Similar to the TransCan, who sees the region’s Member of Parliament hand out the King of Walton sword, and who’s Member of Provincial Parliament also attends officially, these alliances allow for national-level recognition within the House of Parliament.  
    1. These alliances and relationships are incredibly important as they not only validate the sport but also open important lines of communication within our industry and local government.

I understand your interest in making sure aligning with MRC is in your region’s best interests; I know it has been a question that has arisen many times over the years in Atlantic Canada, specifically in relation to CMRC in the past.  I want to ensure that we are providing each region with a level of service that coincides with your expectations. If, at any time, you have an idea or suggestion to provide a different aspect of program advancement, level of industry support or general comment please feel free to reach out.  While I cannot guarantee we will be able to employ every suggestion, our ultimate goal is the growth and stability of our sport. And we cannot achieve that without a supportive and healthy relationship within our regions.


Ryan Gauld