Canadian Arenacross 2019/20 Championships

ROUND 5 & 6
January 31 – February 1, 2020



Map: Heritage Park

See the complete Trackside-results list:


Doors open at 6:00 pm – Racing action commences at 7:00 pm


Adult $20

Youth (12 – 18 years) $15

Child (4 – 11) $10

3 years and under FREE

Family Pass: (2 adults 2 children) $50




First Class $55  Second Class $40   Third Class  $35.  Price includes wristband*

Pro Class:  First Class $70  Second Class $60.  Price includes wristband*

*Additional wristbands are limited to 4 per rider at $15 each for family until 3 pm.  No refunds. All other wristbands are $20 at the evening cash window.

NOTE:  Online registration now openhttps://secure.tracksideprereg.com/futurewest/


$50 per weekend, 10×10 pop-up tent, space dependent – sponsors take priority.  Mats are required in the pit space.

Absolutely no alcohol permitted in the pit area.  Security and Heritage will be doing regular checks.  You will be asked to leave the pit space if there is alcohol found.


Due to space restrictions, only Sponsor trailers permitted in pit area at an additional charge – trailers will not be parked in priority pit space area.  To reserve trailer space, please email Lisa at fwmlisa@hotmail.com.

NO FUEL CONTAINERS or propane heaters PERMITTED in the trailers – Fire department will be doing regular checks.  You will be asked to take your trailer out to the parking lot.

$25 per night with hook-up.  $15 per night dry camping.  A camping pass will be issued for display on your vehicle.  Please come to the FWM office. 

If you are camping in between weekends you are still required to pay the nightly fee.


$65 for expert instruction by Ryan Lockhart and Kyle Beaton

8:00 am – 9:00 am 85cc and up

9:10 am – 10:10 am Advanced 50cc/65cc and Beginner 85cc

10:20 am – 11:20 am Beginner and Junior 50cc/65cc

All riders need to be ready 15 minutes before class.  Go to the FWM office to sign waivers and get wristbands.

Those riders in the 10.20 am class are required to sign up for race registration before school starts.

Contact Lisa at fwmlisa@hotmail.com  Payment is required prior to start of class. 


Transponders are now mandatory for all racers.  Your transponder number must be included on your sign-up sheet.

There are limited transponders available to rent $20 per day.
$100 deposit required on rentals

Transponders may be purchased through FWM at our online store:  https://squareup.com/store/futurewest-moto $130 for one year subscription


$45 per rider

Split small bikes and big bikes

15 minutes on 15 minutes off

FWM team member will split.  There will be  flaggers and paramedic during rentals.

Please report to FWM office at least 15 minutes prior to your rental time to sign waivers and get wristbands.


All riders are required to sign a waiver prior to entering the track. 

All riders under the age of 18 must complete a minor release which requires the signature of a parent/guardian.

All parents of assist classes (50cc, New Kid Beginner and Tyke) are required to sign a general waiver at the time of sign-up.

One parent or mechanic is permitted at the start gate with their rider and must sign waiver and get a wristband before entering the track.

SCHEDULE:  (Subject to Change)

Sign-Up:  9:00 am – 11:30 am

Riders meeting: (Mandatory and will be enforced) 11:45 am

Practice: 12 noon – schedule may change.

Pro Sign-Up:  2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Pro Meeting in FWM office:  4:10 pm SHARP – 

Pro Practice – Open Times:  4:30 – 5:00 pm

CLASSES:  (Subject to Change)
Note: race format will be posted trackside on the day of the race

Tykes (4-8) No race experience – training wheels ok. Electric Oset bikes ok. Trophy 1-5

50 cc 4-6  Trophy 1-5
50 cc 7-8  Trophy 1-5
50 cc Open Trophy 1-5
65 cc 7-9  Trophy 1-3
65 cc 10-11 Trophy 1-3
65 cc Open: Trophy 1-3
85 cc 7-11  Trophy 1-3
85 cc 12-16  Trophy 1-3
85 cc Open (50 – 150 cc  (NO SUPERMINI BIKES PERMITTED)  Trophy 1-3
Supermini  Trophy 1-3
School Boy 12-17  Trophy 1-3
Open Beginner Trophy 1-3

250 Junior Trophy 1-3
Open Junior Trophy 1-3
250 Intermediate  payout 
Open Intermediate  payout 
Open Pro payout
Pro Am Lights  (Intermediates allowed) payout

New Kid Beginner 7-14 (65cc, 70cc, 110cc 85cc) Trophy 1-3
Ladies payout
Young Ladies Ages 7-16 Trophy 1-3
Under 30  payout
+30 Vet Junior Trophy 1-3
+30 Vet Master  payout

All trophy classes go back to 3rd place, no matter the numbers, unless otherwise noted above.
No trophy for payout classes
All Payout classes must have 5 riders or more on the gate for payout.


For hotel availability and rates check www.hotels.com. Sign up to earn points for all future hotel bookings


Riders are welcome to leave their bikes and trailers in between weekends in the pit area.  The building is secure.

If you are camping the Heritage staff will take note and charge FWM – please advise the office if you decide to keep your camping spot in between weekends.

All bikes much have clearly visible numbers



  • No fuel containers or refueling inside the buildings.
  • No propane heaters in the pits.
  • No oil changes inside the building
  • Dispose of all used oil at the appropriate site in the parking lot. Site marked.
  • No alcohol in the building. Security will escort violators off the premises, and you will be excused from the series. This will be strictly enforced by the Heritage Park staff and Security.  Alcohol is permitted in the Beer Garden only.
  • No smoking inside any of the Heritage buildings. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • No riding in the pit area, please push your bike to staging.
  • No riding bicycles or scooters in the pit area. This will be strictly enforced.
  • No riding behind the pit area or in the parking lot. You will be excused for the weekend.
  • As required by Work Safe BC – only one parent/mechanic permitted at start gate – you must have signed a waiver and got your wristband.
  • As required by Work Safe – no one is permitted on the track except for parent assist classes – Tykes 50cc 4-6 and New Kid Beginner. You must sign a waiver and have a wristband.
  • Please obey NO PARKING IN FIRE LANE SIGNS. All vehicles will be towed, no warnings.  Heritage is very strict on this.
  • Bike mats are mandatory in pit area.
  • Power outlets in the pit areas are for ONE APPLIANCE ONLY.

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