I’m a new rider to motocross, what do I do if I want to come race?
Check out our New Rider information page, if you have any further questions drop us an EMAIL .
Do I need a special license to race at your races?
Yes. A membership is required for Future West Moto Races. See This Link for more information.
What classes will there be at the series races?
Their will be classes to accommodate all age brackets, abilities of riders as well as bike displacement. At certain race events some classes may be limited dependent on rider support.
What time is registration for the races?
There will be registration on the Saturday of the race weekend at the track during practice times (time TBA); Sunday morning registration is prior to racing at 7am
Is there practice at the track before the race event?
Yes! For a double header (racing Saturday and Sunday) there is a practice is on Saturday morning of 4 laps and Sunday morning. Riders must register to practice. $30 for practice
What are the registration fees for the outdoor motocross series?
Registration fees are per class the rider races. Please click on the race tab and race details for registration fees.
Are there entrance fees to the races?
Yes to enter the gate the cost is $10 per person or $40 per family ( 2 adults 3 children.)
Will there be awards at each race?
Yes. Awards are available after the race and can be collected on site. There will be an awards presentation for the series after our final race – details to follow.
Do we need transponders to race?
Yes. For the 2019 outdoor race season, Future West will be part of the MRC; transponders will now be mandatory.