New Rider


motocross : new rider This information has been compiled to help getting started a little easier for the new rider and parents.

Motocross is a fun and exciting sport. Competitive racing teaches discipline, goal setting and the importance of preparation. Unlike team sports, motocross teaches you personal responsibility. Each rider determines how far to push themselves. Remember, time and practice improves your riding. Never ride beyond your ability. The most important thing is to be safe and have fun!


  • Helmet – full face Dot & Snell approved. The helmet should be snug, but not uncomfortable
  • Goggles – should always be worn, extra lens and tear offs should be with you at each race
  • Clothing – motocross pants, jersey, long socks, gloves
  • Body Armor – Chest protector, knee brace, neck brace, kidney belt are recommended

We have many sponsors supporting our sport willing and able to assist you with your motocross needs, such as purchasing a new bike, getting parts, service and gear. We have a great lineup of 2017/18 Sponsors and it is appreciated if you support the sponsors that support our sport.

Riders will be put into classes determined by age, bike size and experience. At sign up you will pay the riders fee (race entry) and purchase a wristband. If you opt to park in the pit area with your trailer or bring your RV for outside, you will pay those fees at this time also.Rider’s Meeting
All riders gather to go over the rules, meaning of the flags, address any issues with the track and determine race order.


  • YellowBE AWARE – there is a problem on the track. Slow down, and take direction from flaggers; no Passing or Doubling is allowed until past the incident
  • WhiteONE MORE LAP – left in the race
  • RedTHE RACE MUST BE RESTARTED; all riders return to original starting position unless 75% of the race is complete
  • BlueLEADERS ARE COMING BEHIND YOU (lapping you), slow down and let them pass; this is used more in the pro class
  • Red CrossPARAMEDICS are on the track no passing or doubling until passed the accident
  • CheckeredEND OF THE RACE

All riders must push their bikes to the designated warm up zone before entering the staging area for practice and races. It is important that all bikes are completely warmed up and ready to ride come practice qualifier or main event.

Warm up
Riders get familiar with the track. At practice you can try different lines and know what to expect during the race. Be sure to hold your line and not zig zag.

Bike Down
If you go down during the race, and you are not hurt, try to get you and your bike out of the way of the other riders before starting your bike. Flaggers will warn other riders to slow down – but BE AWARE.


  • This determines gate pick and narrows the field down to a full gate
  • If there are more riders than gates, the fastest riders will move up to the main event and the rest to a B main event
  • Example: Top five in qualifiers will go to the main event, remaining riders to go last chance qualifier (LCQ). LCQ’s are for pros only

Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)
Top 2 (or 4) – TBD – go to the main event

Results and Schedules
Results will be posted after your qualifier. It is the rider’s responsibility to check the postings and schedule on the board near the office area. If there are any concerns, please see the office staff.

2017/18 BC Motocross Championship Series awards will be given out at the final race in Kelowna at a special presentation ceremony and dinner. More details to come.

We hope the above information helps. If you have any furthers questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come to the track office for assistance – or EMAIL US.